Digital and print campaign


Getting home-delivered sushi is more than your life made easy. When you order with Wolt, you help thousands of hard-working restaurant owners and couriers make a living.

Client: Wolt
Digital Creative, Consept developer
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When RBK asked us if we wanted to join  and help develop Wolt’s branding campaign in Stockholm. We said YES at once.
The campaign was not only digitally scanned in various channels but also in purchased outdoor media around the city. “Lita på din magkänsla” is the underlying theme of the campaign but since Wolt is largely a digital company, we have access to relatively large amounts of data. This was one of the starting points when the campaign began to take shape.


Goal :

Running a brand campaign for Wolt in autumn 2019, inc. mass media together with more tactical digital channels. We will increase brand awareness and consideration and increase the amount of downloads and FTUs (first-time-users).


The ads that can be seen in the city and digitally are based on data from different perspectives. For example, it was interesting to see that there is a difference between what the majority of our customers buy at Östermalm, Solna or Söder. There is a lot of interest to find in the data, but an important part of Wolt is to protect customer privacy. All the data we looked at has been anonymized and has not been able to be linked to any individual – neither by name, social security number, e-mail or user ID.

What we can note is that we have kept to what Wolt’s data says without compromising integrity. Then we have spiced up the campaign but some ads that are a little more general and fun. Hope you appreciate them!